Thursday, July 23, 2009

Canadian Cancer Society Relay

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This year the youth got together again and participated in the Canadian Cancer Society 24 hour Relay. We organized the Team Guru Nanak Darbar, and invited people to come and walk one hour shifts. We fundraised over $2000.

The relay was on May 9 and May 10th from 10am to 10am. It was really fun and enjoyable as there are different activities, entertainment there and you got to move around and socialize.
Here are some pictures at the Recent Canadian Cancer Society Relay.

Youth walking at the relay

Group Photo

Youth doing bhangra/Punjabi dance

I posted the following last year. It describes last year's relay
The PG Sikh Youth Society participated and helped organize a team for an annual relay organized by the Canadian Cancer Society here in Prince George on May 10/11 2008. It runs for 24 hours and various teams register to raise money to find a cure for cancer. Our team was called Guru Nanak Darbar. For the event most teams set up a tent where they can eat and sleep overnight. Representatives of the teams take turns walking around the track for the entire 24 hours (although one guy walked the entire 24 hours himself last year). There are various activities to do as well and lots of food and entertainment. At midnight there are candles lit in remembrance for the friends and family who have died with cancer.
We raised approximately $3000, which is a huge accomplishment for the size of our fundraising team. The Punjabi Canadian Seniors Society (which is also based in Prince George) helped set up the tent at the last minute. Both The local Gurdwara, Guru Nanak Darbar, also supplied us with lots of langar (food) with Waheguru's kirpa. All this happened in the flow and at the last minute, but it seemed like a perfectly orchestrated event (I guess it was Waheguru's hukam). The turnout of Sikh/Punjabi people was astounding, almost triple, or even quadruple the size from last year! People from all walks of life came together for a good cause. The PG Sikh Youth also volunteered at the event, and handed out apples and water to people walking. It was kind of hard work because most people were eating junk food from the concession. It was a very fun weekend.

The main purposes of participating in events like these are:
a) to increase Sikh/Punjabi representation in public/community events (help people understand more about Sikh people)
b) To do Seva/volunteer work
c) Show Compassion and help the needy - in this case people with cancer by fundraising money for finding a cure.

The event overall was very successful .The Canadian Cancer Society raised over $500 000 from Prince George alone. This is a huge amount considering that we only have a population of
80 000.

Here are some pictures.

The Punjabi Canadians Senior Society

Our tent for the relay

People walking at the relay

Group Photo

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  1. I went into the Senior Society tent and started eating rice. It was cold, but it was yummy, so I ate it. So there. Then me and my friend entered a scavenger hunt contest and we ran around Masich place trying to find the answers. We got entered into the draw as the "Seniors' Society". LOL It was soooo funny. But we didn't win. Too Bad.
    This blog is so good! i can't believe the great pics you got!!!
    From $$$