Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome to our New blog

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We are very excited to bring you new happenings from our Prince George sangat. Stay tuned for pictures and video clips.


  1. sweet new website. I love it already! I hope it's a hit to sikh youth all around the world. Maybe not. But whatever. Hey, did anyone else see the photo of that one guy with the huge turban thrice the size of his head! HA!

  2. I liked the blog. To anonymous, i saw that photo of that guy too! cause we're friends. it's funny!!!
    anonymous's friend !!!

  3. what up! so anybody watch the movie choices on the 2007 filmfestival by gurujot?
    it was cool in bin laden style there was a guy pretending to be him.
    it was sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
    peace out dudes wah
    by the cool anonymous peeps

  4. whaz up star wars rules whaz up youtube rules whaz up karate is violent whaz up tae kwon do rules waz up
    from anonymous
    PS yo

  5. whz up dawgs! This blog is crazy good. Whoever doesn't go on this blog ain't cool. You know what im talkin 'bout??!
    from crazy good poptartz
    PS I hate poptartz

  6. an excellent way to learn and teach others about sikh religion. It will inspire the young youth who are just learning about this religion. It's very interesting. Have fun improving the blog!!!!
    peace it ....
    from anonymous

  7. What's up in the house! Is anyone going into the Sikh film festival? I am. You can win MONEY! MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!
    The website's still great. To everyone else, some photos & clips are being posted soon! Can't wait to gab about them. You probably know that, but just thought I'd say!
    Oh by the way, everyone has to call me $$$ from now on.

    From cracka wackin' $$$ (the first anonymous on page)