Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Last year Prince George hosted a seminar on Gang Violence among Indo-Canadians, which was conducted by the RCMP. We are hoping to have a few more seminars organized for the community this year too. In order to improve them for the future, we are hoping that people who attended will fill out a short form evaluating the seminar and the way it was conducted.

The following questions are a part of the evaluation. You can copy and paste them onto a Word document and email them to pgsikhyouth@khalsa.com or you can copy and paste them into the "comments" box (button located at the bottom of this post) and then send it as a comment (I won't actually post them online but will collect the responses). In this way you can remain anonymous.

Evaluation of
Gang Violence among Indo-Canadians Seminar:

Did you find the seminar useful:

Did you find that the seminar was conducted appropriately (ie was it in the right venue, were there enough snacks)

How did you find out about the seminar (ie newspaper, friends/family)

Was it the appropriate length:

What did you like or find useful about the seminar

What did you dislike or not find useful about the seminar:

Would you recommend any speakers or topics for upcoming seminars and if so, why?

Would you attend future seminars?

Any other comments?

For those who choose to participate, thank you for your time. For those of you not participating.......What Are You Waiting For???

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