Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sikh Youth Survey

PG Sikh Youth Society is collecting a survey, especially from youth aged 8-26 (but anyone can fill this out) on what you think about the Sikhism related education and services provided by the Prince George Sikh community. The following questions are in the survey. Like before, you can copy and paste the information into a Word document and then email it to or you can copy and paste the questions into a comments box (button at the bottom of the post), fill out the survey and hit post. Your response won’t actually be posted, but this is a way you can remain anonymous.

This survey is really helpful in evaluating what people feel, especially the youth, about the services provided and how this society can help in improving or providing novel services to help youth understand more about Sikhism/heritage. Some of the questions may make some people uncomfortable… please provide as much information as you feel.

Change can only occur if someone points out the issues.

Background Info
Age: 8-16, 16-20, 20-26, 26+
Gender: M or F
Were you born into Sikhism (do you have parents who practise Sikhism):
Do you volunteer anywhere in town?
Do you have formal education in Sikhism (ie Sunday School at the local temple, keertan classes etc).


Own Life Experience:

Scale: Scale is one to ten
1 is the lowest, 5 is neutral, and 10 is the highest.

1. How important do you think Sikhism is in your life (scale of 1 to 10)
2. Do you think you apply values/knowledge you learned in Sikhism to everyday life (scale 1 to 10 one being I don’t use it, 5 being neutral, 10 being I use it a lot)
3. Would you be interested in learning more about Sikhism:
4. What are some values that you think Sikhism teaches:

Temple Services

Do you attend the temple regularly (if not, why):
For those of you who attend,
a) How many hours and days of the week do you attend:
b) Do you understand the speaker(s)/people who are doing keertan:
c) What is your experience when you attend temple (do you enjoy it, bored etc):
d) What services do you think would make your experience better?
e) How important do you think attending the temple is?
f) Do you volunteer at the local temple/gurdwara?
e) Do you understand why we do certain traditions?

General Questions

Who was the 9th Sikh Guru:
What was Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s major accomplishment:

Do you have any other issues that you would raise with the Sikh community in general?

The answers to these questions will remain anonymous but the information collected may be used in a form that the PG Sikh Youth Society seems fit.

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