Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baba Atal Rai

Sikh Stories for Children

Baba Atal was one of the sons of Guru Hargobind. He was very wise for his age, he was adventurous and loved to play games and have fun. He was very bright and always in high spirits. Some times he would say things and even if he was joking it would happen. The Guru told him though, "Don't use your power, especially for little things." Baba Atal loved to play sports, he and his friends would always play a game kind of like baseball. They would take turns throwing and hitting the ball. One of Atal's best friends was named Mohan. As the played ball all day it sarted to get late. Mohan had his turn to bat and before Atal could take his turn it was getting too late. So Baba Atal said, "OK I'll take my turn tomorrow first thing in the morning." So the next morning Baba Atal and some friends came out to play..... but Mohan wasn't there. They all went to Mohan's house. The parents were crying, "Our son.... he's dead. A cobra snuck in to his room at night and bit him. He's been dead for hours now. Our poor son, he's dead." Baba Atal went over to his friends body which was covered by a white sheet. He said, "Get up Mohan. Don't be lazy, just because you don't want to give me a turn to bat. Wake up, say Wahiguru!" Then the unimaginable happened. Mohan yawned s if he was waking up from sleep. He stretched and said, "Wahiguru." Then he said, "I guess I shouldn't have slept so late. Let's go play, it's your turn." So Baba Atal, Mohan and all thier friends left and went to play ball. The parents were filled with disbelief and they were over joyed. As the children played ball in the field, the adults were making quite stir in the city of Amritsar. "The Guru's son, Baba Atal, he can bring the dead back to life." Many people were amazed by the miracle and happy for the family of Mohan. Guru Hargobind was not pleased. When Baba Atal went to sit on his fathers lap like he always did, something was different. He knew something was wrong. Guru ji said, "You have used your powers as I have warned you not to. Now if anyone dies, they will bring the body to us to revive back to life. Who will you bring back and who will you reject? We should accept the Will of God with a cheerful attitude." Baba Atal felt bad for what he did. He knew what he had to do to equal the account. He took a dip in the sarovar near the Hari Mandir Sahib. Then he walked around the parkarma several times. He sat down and recited the Peace Giving Prayer Sukhmani Sahib. When he finished the Bani he bowed down and left his body. The Guru after hearing this said, "Baba Atal's name shall live forever. He surrendered to the Will of God. At the tender age of 9 he left his body and merged with the One." The Guru ordered the building of a temple in his honor. It stands still today 9 stories high and is called Baba Atal. Blessed are the saints who, merged with the Naam, sweetly surrender to the Will of God.


  1. of course our gurus didn't believe in maricles - hey?
    this was the only sikh story I have read lately. but i found it very intriguing...

  2. they didn't believe in miracles but said if a true saint say something it will come true