Monday, March 16, 2009

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

We are so fortunate to live in a society where we can walk into the hospital and get treatment. Many people around the world, including US and India, have to pay thousands of dollars for operations that are paid for by the government in Canada. If everyone "chipped in" to help the poor areas in countries like India, it would allevisate the health problems plaguing poor families. This help could be financial or physical (volutneering time and skills).

Giving dasvandh, which is giving one-tenth of your earnings back to the community and helping the people in need like the guru taught us to, is practised by many Sikhs in Canada. But one has to ask themselves, am I giving it to the right charity? Is my money going to the right place and helping people? Dr. Avtar Singh is one of the exemplary people who chose to help people regain their sight as a birthday present.

The following article was on Sikhnet
Aged NRI Dr Avtar Singh showed an exemplary way to others to celebrate birthday. The NRI came all the way from the USA to celebrate his 80th birthday by sponsoring an eye camp at Raipur Pir Bux Wala, a remote village of Kapurthala.Dr Avtar Singh, a senior plant diseases specialist (PhD) entomology, in collaboration with Jalandhar-based Bapu Inder Singh Charitable Trust organised a free eye camp at the community centre on Saturday.

His birthday guests were more than 250 patients and 15 volunteers, besides the trust chairman Avtar Singh, president Dalip Singh, secretary Dr Gurpartap Singh and other office-bearers.

All the eye patients were examined and given free medicines. As many as 35 cases were selected for the cataract operations. Laboratory tests were conducted on the camp venue. About 22 patients were transported to Jalandhar where stitchless cataract surgeries were conducted and intra ocular lenses implanted.

All patients were transported back to their villages the same day after the operations. The rest of patients would be operated in the next few days at Jalandhar.

There is an interestingly story behind Avtar Singh’s decision to celebrate his birthday in the novel way.

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