Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anand Sahib

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Here is another story from I have never read this story in any history book so far, so it was a very interesting read.... although it does make me wonder how much history we are missing from books that are published today.

Once there was a Sidh Yogi. He practiced many kinds of meditation his whole life. He would chant mantras, do fasts, practice many difficult yoga postures and read many teachings. He heard news for a long time about Guru Nanak and his teachings, and how Guru Amar Das held the throne of Nanak. He was always impressed with what he heard of the Guru and wished one day to see him. On the last day of his life he was able to recieve the Guru's darshan. "I have done many spiritual practices but I have not obtained peace and joy. Bless me to be born in to your family, dear sacred Guru ji", he pleaded. The Guru blessed him, "You shall be born in my family. Bless you dear soul. You may go now." The old Yogi went to the river, made a final prayer and left his body. A short time later the Guru's daughter gave birth to a child. The child was the soul of the old Yogi. Now he was the grandson of Guru Amar Das. When the Guru heard news of the child, he said, "Bring me this baby now." When the baby arrived the Guru held him in his arms and craddled him. "He will be named Anand." Anand means bliss. His soul must have been in such bliss, being born in the Guru's family and living the answer to his prayers. Guru ji began to recite a new Shabd. He composed the entire Anand Sahib on the spot. Anand Sahib the song of celebration, the poem of bliss.


  1. hmm... very powerful really makes u think - i agree with u, i am starting to wonder what we are missing in these new fangled books being published nowadays...

  2. This is actually a very popular and well-known story among people to read Punjabi Sikh history books or listen to katha, but unfortunately not translated often into English.