Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Year

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

It has been one year since the Prince George Sikh Youth Society became incorporated and operational, and what a year it was! I always think of the first year as the hardest one for any society/organization. It is in the first year that you have to lay the groundwork and build connections with others organizations/people in the community. You have to work hard in order to make sure that the society is financially secure and self-sufficient in the future. To me running a society is like building a house. The first part of building a house is laying the groundwork or cement foundation, which is the hardest but most vital part to any house.
The first year is probably the year where most of the work is done "behind the scenes" (paperwork, financial work etc). The society sometimes has to reorganize/reword its goals/priorities. This is also the year where the general public/community members get a feel for what the society is doing and start to have faith.
Prince George Sikh Youth Society has been involved with many organizations and events in the past year. I will be sharing them over the next week. Next year we plan to do more programs and seminars, some targeted at the youth and some at the general community. The foundation has been laid and we are ready to start putting in walls and building the house!

CIBC Run for the Cure: This event took place last October in 2008. Team Khalsa consisted of many community members from the youth to the seniors. Approximately $2000 was raised and donated to find a cure for breast cancer. The event was very enjoyable.

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