Thursday, July 23, 2009


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

On April 26 the PG Sikh Youth Society got recognized with the "Youth of the Year" Award by the Canadian Diabetes Association. PG Sikh Youth Society has been working with the Canadian Diabetes Association to help educate Indo-Canadians about diabetes in a language that they can understand. A committee of Indo-Canadian community leaders was also formed last fall to discuss ways to decrease the prevalence of diabetes among Indo-Canadians. Punjabi people are more likely to be affected by diabetes, partly owing to our more sedentary lifestyle and the increased use of butter and sugar in our food. Recognizing the problem and forming the committee was the first step in tackling this issue.

Prince George Sikh Youth Members with members of the Canadian Diabetes Association

Picture Taken by Citizen Staff Member

In a world filled with junk food, I think there is really one thing to say, "Healthier foods make you feel better." Loading yourself up with sugar, coffee, butter and processed foods puts stress on your body and ultimately slows you down. I have returned many times from the gurdwara to feel bloated and unable to concentrate. In fact, I have often fell asleep after langar, which is a sign that my body is processing too much fat. The only way we can really control diabetes is if we eat healthy foods ourselves and set an example for others.


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