Thursday, July 30, 2009

6 things to change your consciousness...

This was posted on the blog "The Divine Within"

Here is today's Yogi Bhajan quote on changing your consciousness:

"Six things must change in the human if he or she wants to change their consciousness: longing, destiny, the path to your destiny, eating habits, what you wear, and social behaviour."

What a beautiful quote right? But, what does it mean? Let's break this down into bite-size pieces:

Longing - What do you desire? - Do you desire permanent happiness or short-term happiness? If it's permanent then you will look inside for that happiness, otherwise you will look outside. Inside is permanent, outside is temporary.

Destiny - What is your purpose in life? - There is usually one thing in your life that truly inspires you and you never get tired of it, that is usually your purpose in life.

Path to your destiny - How are you going to fulfil this purpose? - After you've found a purpose, there are things you need to start doing on a daily basis to fulfil or achieve that purpose. There also may be things you need to stop doing to achieve that purpose.

Eating habits - How do you eat? Not what do you eat, but how. Do you eat with grace, care and respect for the privilege of being able to eat at all today when others go hungry? Do you bless your food before you eat, or just dive in like an instinctual animal?

What you wear - How do you dress? Do you dress with the thought that you want to impress others, or do you dress with the thought that you wish to create and spread more grace in this world?

Social behaviour - How do you act? How do you act around your parents, family members, friends, people you know very little and people you don't know at all? Is there a humility to the way you listen and speak to other people? Do you recognise that the other person is you and there is no difference between who you know and who you don't know? Can you overcome your own insecurity and speak to people who you know and don't know with equal grace, respect, dignity and divinity for who they are and for who they're not?

From the above, I've formulated my own little plan to develop my consciousness:
Longing - I'm committed to achieving a permanent state of happiness, I long to see the feet of God
Destiny - My destiny is to see other people fulfilled, and in their fulfillment, I shall be fulfilled
Path to your destiny - Become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and a professional counsellor/psychotherapist, run personal development workshops
Eating habits - Need to take more time whilst eating, not to rush
What you wear - Ordinary clothes and bana, but bana is more beautiful and graceful and I wish to wear it more often
Social behaviours - Need to be more meditatively calm when people say negative comments
Anyone have any other thoughts/comments? I would love to hear them =).Sat Naam!


  1. jee that's pretty true actually. in fact it's very DIVINE and I feel this new feeling WITHIN me, you know?

    Darth Vader

  2. why do i keep reading the same thing all over again. Post sonething about the summer! I've really enjoyed reading this blog so far this summer while I was really, really, bored and now im back and post something divine... exciting... magnificent...
    ok maybe thats a little much to ask.
    thumbs up