Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Manpreet Kaur is the vice-president here at PGSYS. She has been fortunate enough to represent PGSYS and work with the Prince George City Council and other committees and to represent PGSYS at these events.
In May 2009, Prince George City held a charette to create a plan to improve the downtown of the city. Manpreet represented the youth in this 4-day event and helped bring ideas on what the youth would want in downtown at the brainstorming sessions. She also made presentations about youth engagement and the Youth 20/20 Consensus Report (created from an event she attended in 2008) during the charrette, and spoke a few words at the final public presentation of the charrette about her experience on the team.

Manpreet working with others at the charrette


Here are also some pictures from the Community Policing Appreciation Dinner. Here volunteers for Community Policing, including Manpreet Kaur, were recgonized for their efforts.

Manpreet Kaur was also involved with the Fraser Basin Council, which works on sustainability issues. She participated in an event in July 2008 called Imagine Prince George: Youth 20/20 Vision, in which youth developed a future vision for Prince George. She traveled to Vancouver to be a part of BC Youth Congress: Youth Uniting for Sustainability 2009, and also gave presentations to City Council (as part of the Smart Growth event). Manpreet also made a presentation at one of the City Council meetings about the importance of youth involvement in decision-making, as well as some of the findings and her experience from the BC Youth Congress event. At all of these events Manpreet Kaur represented the PGSYS and youth in general, brought her ideas to the meetings and brainstorming sessions, and also made presentations and speeches about making changes that will benefit the youth.
Here are some pictures from Smart Growth in Vancouver

We are proud that she represents PG Sikh Youth Society.

Navpreet has also attended research conferences, including Rising Stars of Reaserch, held at UBC, where she was named as one of Canada’s top young researchers. For more visit previous posts of August.

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