Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music Event

July 27, 2009 Program

PGSYS organized a Culture/Music event in July where students who were learning shabd bani (spiritual hymns) in classical raag (classical Indian music) for the month of July showcased their talent and what they had learned by doing shabd keertan in front of an audience/sangat. They also received prizes for the completion of their month of learning. Tokens of appreciation were also given to community leaders that have made the lives of Sikh/Indo-Canadians/Punjabi people better here in Prince George. Afterwards, everyone ate lunch that was prepared by PG Sikh Youth members. Members also helped hand out lunch and clean up. Around 1:00pm everyone was invited to watch a movie on Sri Harimandar Sahib/Golden Temple.

Youth and seniors alike enjoyed this program thoroughly.

Here are some pictures.

Gurcharn Singh as noted above was the classical music teacher for students here in Prince George during the summer months of years 2005-2008. He inspired love for Gurbani and shabd keertan in his students. He is a trained professional in classical music (both Western and Indian style) and has earned his pHD in music.
Bhagwan Singh Korotana has been instrumental in helping connect the youth with the seniors. His vast knowledge on various issues in a great asset to the Indo-Canadian community. He helped organize the Punjabi Canadian Seniors Society. Bhagwan Singh helped the seniors acquire and set up technology, including computers, projector etc. and helped them gain internet access.
Dr. Balbinder Singh Deo is a dedicated volunteer and takes time out of his busy schedule to help the youth, seniors and many others in the Punjabi community. His expertise on business issues has made him a valuable member of our community. He had also helped run a Punjabi school every Sunday for five years at Guru Nanak Darbar.
Members with the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Society, who allowed us to do our program at the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple.
Punjabi Canadian Seniors Society- PGSYS members volunteered with them in July (see previous posts).
Tanvir Kaur Bassi- She is also a music teacher.
Gian Kaur Bains
Giani Bal Singh Bal who has shown dedication to the Sikh community.

Here are some pictures of youth and others preparing food and helping clean up at the end of the program.


Here is a group photo of youth/music students, Guru Nanak Darbar Committee, PGSYS members, and Punjabi Canadian Seniors Society members.

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