Monday, September 14, 2009

Sikhnet Film

Waheguru ji Ka khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

You didn't think we would make a film did you? Well we did! It wasn't as ambitious of a project as I usually undertake, but still it is better than nothing, and I loved the idea. I got the inspiration during Sukhmani Sahib, and just thinking if I were to die tomorrow, what would I regret... what would I have changed in my life.

The original idea was to do a documentary on the society and the challenges and accomplisments we faced, but summer was too short for such a big project, with all the work I had to do, so this did just fine in satisfying my creative abilities.

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  1. slightly creepy... especially at the bus part and it's like what if today was ur last day and then that frantic music starts. Interesting though... i liked it. You entered the competition, right?
    Movin on... apparently ur thinkin what if its my last day to live... yeah that's slightly on the pessimistic side. And as for u never thought we'd make a movie lolz because i didn't think so either lol

  2. It has a good message. I really enjoyed the artistic direction.

  3. lol u guys have spam...
    i thought word verification was supposed to filter out spam???