Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Nowadays you need a backup drive for your backup drive! I was downloading all the TVs shows recorded on PVR to an external hard drive, when the hard drive crashed. I didn't really care much about what I lost (most were just tv shows), until I realized I lost a recording of the Chardi Kala Jatha in Harminder Sahib! I was going to upload it on this blog soon too:( Then I also realized that I lost all the English and Punjabi interviews I recorded on various social topics. Digital media can be so frustrating. You never know when it is going to vanish!


  1. ah yes u do need a backup. actually whenver my computer asks me to insert a disk for backup i just x off. heehee by the way, when is the Guru Nanak Shaheedi in our gurudwara? is there a date yet? Did it already happen? *confused*

  2. Guru Nanak Dev's Ji "Joti Jot" Day actually passed on Sep 22 (I don't know if the gurdwara did a keertan event for that day or not). The next event is on Oct 25, where youth is going to do keertan ans Sikh Nation society is coming for Vancouver. They are holding this event in "remembrance of 1984". Guru Nanak's Dev Ji's Birthday is on Nov 2, but I don't know when they are celebrating it at the gurdwara.

    Hope that helps
    I will post more info on the programs this month soon.