Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vote for Jakara

This was found on http://www.votesikh.com/

Vote for Jakara Movement on facebook so that they can make a million dollars.

1 Million Dollars = Sikh Museum in North America and the Mata Gujri Women’s Center

Chase Bank is holding a competition on Facebook with the winning charity receiving 1 Million Dollars. Anyone with a facebook account (anywhere in the world - UK, Canada, US, Mexico, Punjab, India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, etc.) can vote.

The Jakara Movement is publicly committed to use ALL money for the construction of 2 projects - the first North American Sikh Museum AND a Sikh Women's Center.

By voting for the Jakara Movement from January 15th-22nd, you will make this a reality.

Remember you can ONLY vote through facebook between January 15-22, 2010. We need the help and mobilization of our entire community throughout the world to win this together. Anyone with a facebook account can vote!


  1. Keep up the good work. One blog you may like is - http://thelangarhall.com

    Be careful on comments sections of that blog because there some imposters - pretending to be sikhs- they are mean spirited people.

  2. I missed voting my ONE day! Oh no! I was about to go on facebook when I noticed the deadline. *sobs* Oh, I hope they win! It would be the first step to awareness of North Americans about Sikhism. That would be just awesome!