Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sikhnet Audio Story Script Writing Competition


SikhNet is looking for creative writers (You!) to create new original Sikh-themed stories and story series for children. The winning story, as well as a selection of other story submissions, may be used to produce new audio/video stories on SikhNet. If your script wins, it will be featured in future SikhNet Audio Stories online, CDs, books, AS WELL as possibly being animated and shown on SikhNet and on TV!

Deadline: Feb. 20th, 2011

Are you excited?! Put your creativity turban/chuni on and get those creative ideas going!

What We are Looking for:

  1. An original story with Sikh characters that is inspirational or teaches something and speaks, in an entertaining and engaging way, to modern children.
  2. Stories that are geared towards Sikh girls and female characters that serve as role models and address the needs of Sikh girls. Stories can have both boy and girl characters together as long as there is a strong female character in addition to the boy character. (See 4 below.)
  3. Stories that can be made into a series (i.e., multiple unique stories using the main characters in different plots and settings.) We want characters kids can 'connect with' and get familiar with through lots of different "Adventures."
  4. Stories with Sikh Boy & Girl characters that appeal to both genders and tackle topics that relate to both. It could also have other main characters, parents, teachers, adults, animals/imaginary characters/sidekicks, etc.
  5. We are primarily looking for original work. This means that if history is used, it should be used in a new and original way. Historical stories are more limited, and for that reason we want new ideas and situations that apply to young people today. Historical fiction can serve this purpose provided it is original and "modern." Modern fiction and future fiction will also be exciting. I'm sure you have some good ideas that are itching to come out.
If this sounds interesting to you, then get started right away since we need your scripts really soon! Once you've started your creative process, you may want to read the suggestions below on how YOU can win the excellent prizes and help create more inspiring stories for kids on SikhNet.

In order for your story to be produced as an actual SikhNet Audio or Video Story you will want to keep in mind the following guidelines (of course don't let anything hinder your creativity!)

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