Sunday, July 3, 2011

And the Volunteer Award goes to...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Manpreet Kaur Sidhu, a member of the PGSYS, was honored with the "Volunteer of the year" award by the Canadian Diabetes Association at a banquet held on May 28, 2011. She has been an active volunteer at the CDA for a number of years now, and she was an integral part of organizing both South Asian diabetes events here in Prince George. Congratulations Manpreet!
"Manpreet Kaur Sidhu has shown extreme dedication in assisting the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) towards its missions and goals. She has contributed vast amounts of time and effort to increase the awareness of diabetes. Being a part of the South Asian community, Manpreet knew that South Asians are at a higher risk for diabetes. She has worked tirelessly to increase the knowledge of diabetes among South Asians, so that diabetes can be prevented or properly managed. Manpreet has been volunteering at the CDA office in Prince George since 2008. She has assisted the CDA at numerous events, including the 2008 BC Senior games, UNBC events, Healthier You Expo, TELUS Walk for Diabetes, and other CDA events. She also participated in a regional focus group, and helped provide ideas to improve the CDA. She also helped to hand out DVDs about healthy cooking in Punjabi at the Sikh parade. Manpreet created the South Asian Advisory Committee in 2009  to plan ways to reach out to the South Asian public and to educate them on diabetes. She has been trained in delivering presentations on diabetes, and delivered a presentation with Dr. Satish Mann in English and Punjabi in June 2009. Recently, Manpreet worked with Boyanne Young of the CDA to organize an event called, “The Big Picture of Diabetes” in March 2011. This event was held in English and Punjabi, and its main purpose was to increase the awareness of diabetes among the Prince George and Northern BC South Asian populations. Manpreet took on huge responsibilities to ensure the success of this large-scale event.
Despite being a second-year undergraduate student studying Biochemistry and having various other volunteer responsibilities, no one else I know shows such extreme dedication and commitment to uphold the mission and values of the CDA and to help educate people in Prince George about diabetes, as Manpreet does. "

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