Sunday, July 3, 2011

More about PG Sikh Youth Society

Serving to bring peace and prosperity to everyone

Who We Are

The Prince George Sikh Youth Society is an independent, nonprofit organization that is registered with the Government of British Columbia. It was created in May 2008. 

Our Mission is to share the spirit of Sikhism and its values such as honesty, compassion, truthfulness, and equality with others.

We believe that Sikhs should strive to uplift and serve humanity, to promote equality among all humans, to understand that one God pervades through all of creation, to act and live truthfully and compassionately, to remember and meditate on God always, to make an honest living, and to share your earnings to help the people in need.

Our goals include:
  • Creating awareness of Sikhism and its values among Sikh youth and the general public
  • Increasing youth volunteerism with organizations that serve the greater public good, so youth realize the importance of serving and  uplifting people in need
  • Providing workshops/seminars to increase the well being of youth and others alike
Search our blog: to see pictures of all of the events we have done so far, as well as to get notifications of future events!

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