Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kab Gal Lavenge Shabad

Shabad Kab Gal Lavenge

Kalyaan, Fourth Mehl:

O God, Treasure of Mercy, please bless me, 
that I may sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

I always place my hopes in You; O God, 
when will you take me in Your Embrace? ||1||Pause||

I am a foolish and ignorant child; Father, please teach me!

Your child makes mistakes again and again, 
but still, You are pleased with him, O Father of the Universe. ||1||

Whatever You give me, O my Lord and 
Master - that is what I receive.

There is no other place where I can go. ||2||

Those devotees who are pleasing to the Lord
 - the Lord is pleasing to them.

Their light merges into the Light; the lights 
are merged and blended together. ||3||

The Lord Himself has shown mercy; 
He lovingly attunes me to Himself.

Servant Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of the 
Door of the Lord, who protects his honor. ||4||6|| One Chhakaa||

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