Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lessons for life

A few months ago I started watching a program called "Awakening with Brahma Kumaris: Being Bliss" on youtube which features Sister Shivani talking about various topics in life. She has shared many peaces of spiritual wisdom which we can incorporate into our lives. I thought I would share some translations of basic topics she has shared on these programs and I believe is in line with our sikhi lifestyle. I don't take credit for these, I'm just sharing them so other people can expand their knowledge too. 

1. As you think, so you write your destiny. Your happiness is your own creation. We tend to make our happiness conditional on achievements, etc. and when obstacles get in the way, we say our happiness is ruined. But obstacles blocked the achievement, not your ability to be happy.  Don’t give power to the situations in your life (“I am angry because of…”) or you are creating dependency on the outside world. When I say you irritate me, I am trying to control your actions because I can’t instruct my own mind to remain stable. After all, is the bag of chips making noise the irritation, or the thoughts I created? We need to focus on our own thoughts. Don't become dependent on others, think "I am the creator of my own thoughts and you are the creator of your own thoughts” which frees you from emotional blackmail, guilt and manipulation because I realize how you feel is YOUR choice and I do not make you happy. No matter what someone said, this thought is damaging me and I can’t afford to hold onto it. 

2. You have everything you are looking for in the world. Say you have a white kurta pajama (top and pants) and you play in the dirt. It turns brown but it still IS a WHITE kurta pajama underneath. Similarly the soul is made of 7 qualities: purity, peace, power, wisdom, love, happiness, and bliss, and these are my original color. I don’t need to find them outside because I AM them underneath all these layers. Remember also that God is our parent, and whatever belongs to Him is automatically ours. You don’t need to ask for love because you already have an endless ocean of love. Nothing needs to happen externally for you to find what you are looking for.

She has shared a lot more topics and I encourage you to check them out and apply them to your life! Some episodes are in Hindi and some are in english. In particular, she addresses how to change our thinking patterns to change our lives. 

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