Friday, May 26, 2017

Washing Away the Anxiety

“Anxiety is removed, and heart's desires are fulfilled, when True Guru, the treasure of excellence showers his benediction.” Ang 191
These last few weeks have been a real blessing. I’ve finally gotten to enjoy a few weeks of school without anxiety. Anxiety can be a real monster- it leads us down the path of getting lost in planning for “what if’s” that will probably never even exist. It’s been really great to just wake up and feel happy with what God has given me and understand the more divine forces at work than the miniature choices I make in my daily life. Whoever I have a chance to see, whatever I have the opportunity to do, wherever I have the chance to go, I go where God leads me. For example, I think today was probably the first time I’ve walked into an exam without any anxiety at all. In fact when I left home I felt like I might have left something behind, and I did- the burden of anxiety on my shoulders. This was true despite the fact that I didn’t study even a small fraction as much as I normally do. Instead, I spent most of my time in the last few weeks focusing on simply feeding my body and mind. It’s definitely reinforced how a healthy body and mind can make a world of difference to our ability to be able to focus, concentrate and achieve what we need to.

It’s been most interesting for me to learn to function without my mind racing all the time. I’m used to multiple streams of thought happening at the same time and interfering in my current task, and I realized that this is a major way that anxiety drains our energy. I’m realizing this is why Sikhi teaches us to bring our thoughts down to one- Waheguru, and then finally none in order to meet Him. I think also, a large part of reducing anxiety is simply staying away from people that feed it, regardless of whether or not they intended it. It’s important to spend time with people who guide and support us on our path and remind us of what’s real and important. I’m thankful for conversations that allow me to find a new way to see things, or take my anxiety and turn it around, for the people that remind us that God’s will is perfect and each day is worth celebrating. The more effort we spend towards meeting Waheguru, the more love we feel in our lives. I’m thankful, happy and excited for my next adventure. May Waheguru bless you all. 

This hukamnama summarizes everything so well:
“Siree Raag, First Mehl: Through the Guru, the Pure One is known, and the human body becomes pure as well.The Pure, True Lord abides within the mind; He knows the pain of our hearts.With intuitive ease, a great peace is found, and the arrow of death shall not strike you. ||1|| O Siblings of Destiny, filth is washed away by bathing in the Pure Water of the Name.You alone are Perfectly Pure, O True Lord; all other places are filled with filth. ||1||Pause|| The Temple of the Lord is beautiful; it was made by the Creator Lord. The sun and the moon are lamps of incomparably beautiful light. Throughout the three worlds, the Infinite Light is pervading. In the shops of the city of the body, in the fortresses and in the huts, the True Merchandise is traded. ||2|| The ointment of spiritual wisdom is the destroyer of fear; through love, the Pure One is seen. The mysteries of the seen and the unseen are all known, if the mind is kept centered and balanced. If one finds such a True Guru, the Lord is met with intuitive ease. ||3|| He draws us to His Touchstone, to test our love and consciousness. The counterfeit have no place there, but the genuine are placed in His Treasury. Let your hopes and anxieties depart; thus pollution is washed away. ||4|| Everyone begs for happiness; no one asks for suffering. But in the wake of happiness, there comes great suffering. The self-willed manmukhs do not understand this. Those who see pain and pleasure as one and the same find peace; they are pierced through by the Shabad. ||5|| The Vedas proclaim, and the words of Vyaasa tell us,that the silent sages, the servants of the Lord, and those who practice a life of spiritual discipline are attuned to the Naam, the Treasure of Excellence. Those who are attuned to the True Name win the game of life; I am forever a sacrifice to them. ||6|| Those who do not have the Naam in their mouths are filled with pollution; they are filthy throughout the four ages. Without loving devotion to God, their faces are blackened, and their honor is lost. Those who have forgotten the Naam are plundered by evil; they weep and wail in dismay. ||7|| I searched and searched, and found God. In the Fear of God, I have been united in His Union. Through self realization, people dwell within the home of their inner being; egotism and desire depart.O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Name of the Lord are immaculate and radiant. ||8||7||”


  1. May Waheguru ji bless you.

    1. Thank you, may Waheguru Ji bless you as well

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