Saturday, June 24, 2017

Punjabi Cultural Event

Our annual Kabbadi tournament (and other sports activities!) is happening today and tomorrow for anyone that can make it. 


  1. Punjabi guy sings Go Canada 150

  2. That was really awesome! I loved it. Thanks for sharing it

  3. A young Sikh student named oratory Champion - U.S.

    In the process, Valley High School junior JJ Kapur was named the 2017 Original Oratory Champion at the Tournament of Champions, said to be the most prestigious high school speech and debate competition in the US.

  4. Syed family siblings sings O Canada 150

  5. That Kid who won Harvard Speech and Debate tourny(above) - J J Kapoor

    Stand Up Speak Up - JeevanJot Kapur (age 14)

  6. Perfectionism is bad

    research at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont., has confirmed that connection, although the causal mechanisms have not been worked out. Perfectionists tend to be more stressed and have less social support to manage that stress, and experts suspect that could trigger negative health outcomes.

    Are you a perfectionist?

    Molnar's new paper suggests that some perfectionists are also cursed with a tendency to procrastinate, to fail to complete important tasks even when they know the delay will result in negative consequences. It's especially prevalent in the form of perfectionism scientists call "perfectionistic concerns."

    "These are people who set extremely high standards and feel compelled to reach them but are also preoccupied by what other people think of them," Molnar said. "They're very sensitive to external pressure. They tend to be motivated by a fear of failure rather than by approaching success."

    Another form, known as "perfectionistic striving," is driven by an internal compulsion to reach unrealistically high standards, and it tends to be associated with self-criticism.