Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Clay Art (Finished!)

I feel like I posted the original clay versions of these a long time ago, maybe even a year ago! I finally painted them and they are done! 


  1. Try selling them on e-bay. There is Public broadcasting T.V in the United States, Like our CBC. One of their off shoot channel is called CREATe. The have all home shows - like cooking, craft, home repair, travel etc on it.

    1. Thanks for the idea. Since I make crochet dresses, and paintings, one of my friends had suggested the same thing. I really have no interest in selling them though. Maybe it's because it takes so much effort to make them! Interestingly, I just opened up a semi-automated knitting machine from India. Once I can figure out how to use it (it didn't come with instructoins and for some reason youtube's knitting machines look different), hopefully I can make some sweaters and dresses.

    2. Donate money to a cause. Best charitable donation. who knows perhaps a side business idea will come....