Monday, October 2, 2017

Baba Buddha Ji

This weekend we are celebrating Jor-Mela Baba Budha Ji and Gurpurb of Guru Ram Das Ji. 

Baba Budha Ji was born Oct 6, 1506 to Hindu parents Bhai Suggha and Mai Gauran in Katthu Nangal. Originally his name was Bura. When Bura was young, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was traveling with Mardana to do kirtan. Bura offered him a bowl of milk and asked Guru Nanak to release him from the “circuit of birth and death.” Guru Nanak Dev Ji remarked that he spoke wisely for his young age. Bura explained that just as Mughals had destroyed their crops, ripe and unripe, death does not consider age and years either. Guru Nanak Dev Ji then named him Buddha because of his maturity and wisdom. He went onto become a disciple of the Guru. He was a devoted Sikh and did a lot of seva.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked him to apply the tilak to the head of Bhai Lehna Ji when it was time for him to become our second Guru. Baba Buddha Ji went on to anoint Guru Amardas, Guru Ramdas, Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.

When Guru Angad Dev JI was bestowed Guruship he left for Khandur to meditate in Mata Viraee’s house, but after 6 months the Sikhs began to worry. He told Mata Ji to hide the entrance to the room. Baba Buddha Ji arrived and got everyone to sing kirtan, and the Guru revealed himself. Similarly, when Guru Amardas left for Basarke, he put up a sign saying “Whoever opens this door, he is not my Sikh and I am not his Guru.” Baba Buddha Ji broke a hole through the back of the hut and Guru Amardas Ji stated “You are a strong boat that will help the sangat (congregation) cross the ocean of life. You are a pillar of Sikhi.

There is a popular painting of Baba Buddha Ji and Mata Ganga Ji. Mata Ganga Ji was wife of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. She went to seek blessings of Baba Buddha Ji because she wanted to have a child, and thus she presented him with many delicacies. Baba Buddha Ji refused to meet her. Guru Arjan Dev Ji told her to make a meal herself and return. She brought missi roti, onion and lassi, and Baba Buddha Ji accepted. He crushed an onion and said "A son will be born to you who will crush the enemies of Guru Nanak’s house, just as I have crushed this onion with my hand." That son was Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.

Baba Buddha Ji is the embodiment of our teachings, and did the sewa of construction Baoli at Goinval, construction of Akal Takht, and supervising excavation of the pool at Amritsar. Baba Buddha Ji learned and taught Gurmukhi. He went on to become the first Giani of Harmandir Sahib. He merged with the supreme light in September 1631 with Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji by his side. Let us all learn from Baba Buddha Ji's life and be inspired to do sewa. 

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