Friday, January 19, 2018

Video on Recognizing the Religious Hypocrite

I wanted to share this great video from on recognizing the "religious hypocrite." I think it is especially important during these times, as there are many people setting themselves up as knowledgeable who are causing others to actually stray from their path. Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen wrote about how putting a hurdle in someone’s path of religion is to murder their internal life. We do not want to miss out on the great sources of wisdom that we DO have to help guide us on our path. Thinking about this also helps us think about sangat- spending time with people who inspire us, who build our sense of belonging, love and spiritual connection. Gurbani directly describes the signs of a Gurmukh- who is Sant? Who is Brahm Gyani? These are described in Sukhmani Sahib. Until that knowledge is built, here is a video that describes a few things to be aware of:

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