Sunday, March 11, 2018

House Against Natural Disasters

Congratulations to Prabhnoor Sidhu for her silver medal in her project "House Against Natural Disasters" at the Central Interior Science Exhibition. She is interested in engineering and last year she did a project on buildings against tsunamis and earthquakes. This year she worked hard to do this project on making a house to resist natural disasters and spent hours coming up with an original design that she built out of k'nex. She also got interviewed by CKPG news (link below).


  1. Congratulation. Lot of effort put in this project.

    May God bless you with success and happiness

  2. Does she get to go to Ottawa as the newslink said

    1. Thanks i will pass that on to her. She doesn't go to Ottawa- in all the years I have seen, since I did the fair as a kid, they like to choose higher grade children to go ahead even though younger are eligible. I think because the projects are more complicated etc.