Friday, March 16, 2018

More Gurdwara Pictures

After work I went to go do Ardas and matha tek today at Gurdwara Sahib Dashmesh Darbar (Surrey). I was pleasantly surprised that there was kirtan going on in the middle of the afternoon. The interior of the Gurdwara Sahib is absolutely stunning, here are some pictures: 

Gurdwara Amrit Prakash Sahib

Gurdwara Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib

The hukamnama I got this morning was:
Wadahans, Fourth Mehl, Ghorees ~ The Wedding Procession Songs:
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
This body-horse was created by the Lord. Blessed is human life, which is obtained by virtuous actions. Human life is obtained only by the most virtuous actions; this body is radiant and golden. The Gurmukh is imbued with the deep red color of the poppy; he is imbued with the new color of the Lord's Name, Har, Har, Har. This body is so very beautiful; it chants the Name of the Lord, and it is adorned with the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. By great good fortune, the body is obtained; the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is its companion; O servant Nanak, the Lord has created it. ||1||
I place the saddle on the body-horse, the saddle of realization of the Good Lord. Riding this horse, I cross over the terrifying world-ocean. The terrifying world-ocean is rocked by countless waves, but the Gurmukh is carried across. Embarking upon the boat of the Lord, the very fortunate ones cross over; the Guru, the Boatman, carries them across through the Word of the Shabad. Night and day, imbued with the Lord's Love, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, the Lord's lover loves the Lord. Servant Nanak has obtained the state of Nirvaanaa, the state of ultimate goodness, the state of the ultimate goodness, the state of the Lord. ||2||
For a bridle in my mouth, the Guru has implanted spiritual wisdom within me. He has applied the whip of the Lord's Love to my body. Applying the whip of the Lord's Love to his body, the Gurmukh conquers his mind, and wins the battle of life. He trains his untrained mind with the Word of the Shabad, and drinks in the rejuvenating essence of the Lord's Nectar. Listen with your ears to the Word, uttered by the Guru, and attune your body-horse to the Lord's Love. Servant Nanak has crossed over the long and treacherous path. ||3||
The transitory body-horse was created by the Lord. Blessed, blessed is that body-horse which meditates on the Lord God. Blessed and acclaimed is that body-horse which meditates on the Lord God; it is obtained by the merits of past actions. Riding the body-horse, one crosses over the terrifying world ocean; the Gurmukh meets the Lord, the embodiment of supreme bliss. The Lord, Har, Har, has perfectly arranged this wedding; the Saints have come together as a marriage party. Servant Nanak has obtained the Lord as his Spouse; joining together, the Saints sing the songs of joy and congratulations. ||4||1||5||

Guru Ram Das Ji reminds us here that after many janams (births) of virtous actions Waheguru blessed us with this human birth so that we can merge with God. In this lifetime if we train our mind through simran, and cleanse our mind with Gurbani, we will cross the world-ocean (maya) and achieve our purpose. 


  1. Surrey Guru Nanak Darbar is probably the largest Gurdwara( congregation and value$vis a vis)

    I was there in the early to mid 1990s when Nanaji lived there and it was OPEN for breakfast, lunch, super - all day affair like Amritsar). There is an old folks meeting place for afternoon at the Gurudwara Compound - at the end of the parking lot where old men and women meet everyday to exchange information - play cards - then they would go for tea and pokaras- sweets at the Gurdwara. My Nanaji would eat his lunch at home and then go. But it was BIG then, I can imagine it to be bigger now

    1. yes its open all day, and they announced last week that there are multiple Gurdwaras here (they actually said 8) that run 24 hour langar! It has been under renovations now for many many years. Each time I come I hope they are done but I think now they are getting close. The front has been closed for quite some time so only access is through downstairs back langar hall. They have a really nice building for the seniors to spend time, i dont know if its different than the one you are speaking about, maybe got updated.

    2. There is a debate sometimes whether Sikhs should Spend soooooo much money on outer appearance of a worship place or spend that money on the poor in th congregation or outer public in general!!! I saw a video reportedly of Toronto - a Punjabi working at a Recycle place made it. He showed Rumallahs, Rajais, Blankets, Sheets so expensive and nice - some New - thrown in the recycle - it was a Truck load!!!! What a waste of resources. You CAN"T BUY GOD with Anything....Except giving your heart IF you can - Your heart is always with the one you love and want...but most of us can't help it...the Maya(the game) is put in our programme to distract 24/7 every breath of our lives..Both sides are God's,,

      Humans like Grandiosity. Hindus have RICHEST TEMPLES in the WORLD. Billion U$ hidden in the WALLS of a Temple in South India. Sikhs LOST HALF of our land in Pakistan due to Partition. 19000 acres Prime agriculture land in Asia. Hindus didn't lose much - their's are mostly in current India

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    South Africa-trained physicians say caring for patients came at the expense of preparing for qualifying exams