Saturday, October 24, 2015


Days like today when I’m tired and my whole body aches from my 24 + hour shift at the hospital that questions about life pop into my head. I wonder why the sacrifice- time away from family, friends, being young and enjoying the world, given up for work. Is it worth it?

I once had someone tell me that work is not everything, that focusing on my career would not bring me happiness and that at the end of all these years of school (6 yrs done, 7 to go) I will be left unfulfilled and will have wasted away all my time. There is a part of me that worries that this is true- that all these years of sacrifice will be for nothing. I know that work should not define you, that you should not let it take over your life, but medicine does require an extreme amount of dedication to be successful. I also know that work is not what this person believes it to be. That work is not a waste of our life- It’s sewa. Each day I study I learn so that I can help someone. I learn so I can write exams to be able to save someone. Each day I work I meet people and I encourage them to keep going. Sometimes I get to help them from helping in their surgery to moral support, to providing a listening ear, to changing their medications. I get to make a difference. 

When you wonder what you are doing in your life just think about it. As a mother or father you are doing sewa. You are providing for your children. These children are going on to interact in the world. You are raising them, teaching them, shaping their values. Each person is doing something that’s necessary for the other, and we are serving Waheguru. I remind myself again, happiness comes from within. It comes from the intention in your actions. From remembering that this is a sewa. Remember God, in every thought, word and action. If I am doing God’s work, why would I ever be unfulfilled? 

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