Monday, June 25, 2018

Going Through The Motions

I have been watching the “The Why Guru Series” (TWGC) from Basics of Sikhi on youtube. It not only gives us a brief explanation of key events in Sikh history but explains what our purpose is and what Sikhism is really about  I’ve been learning a lot since it joins together parts of knowledge and history I have learned over the last few years. What is really great about this series is unlike many camps which sometimes focus on our external image, Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji focuses on the idea of arming us with knowledge to help us understand how we got here and then we can decide what we want to do with it. 

Resources like these are important because they teach us that Sikhi is about doing and living. Bhai Ram Singh Ji does the same on The Harpreet Singh Show. He teaches us how to get out of just "going through the motions." For example, just booking an Akhand paath and not listening, learning, changing, or following what Guru Ji tells us. Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji especially answers the question of why “just being a good person” isn’t enough and isn’t what we strive for in Sikhi. We have this internal thirst and longing for God that can only be filled by God, and people try to fill it with other worldly pleasures but as he said, this God sized hole can only be filled with God. It is too large an emptiness to be filled otherwise. I think that we are in fact very lucky if we realize that emptiness, and that we are covering it up with other things. If we start to develop and feel that longing and thirst, that restlessness for God it is a blessing. Everyone asks what we did with our time- what did you produce, where did you go, who did you meet, what stories do you have? They want tangible external things to mark your journey and this puts a lower value on the mind’s work which in fact is our whole purpose. That chance that you had waited 8.4 million reincarnations to get, born into a Sikhi household, given all the tools, and now we don’t want to walk that last step. 

I feel like Sikhi is a type of healing that awaited me after having been diseased and hurt for so long without knowing it. That disease affects all of us. For years I knew I was searching for something missing, but it wasn’t until I was gifted this love, this yearning, that I finally started to realize what it was about. In the past, I too was caught in the blindness of just doing things out of the motions. When we start to understand and incorporate Sikhi into our lives we realize how to solve conflicts, relationships change, our families function differently, to marry someone carries a deeper meaning, our thoughts change, our whole entire life seems to flip. Gurbani tells us what changes come about in our life by walking that path. So work actively at your spiritual life. We are lucky we have so many resources at our fingertips- kathas, kirtan, Gurbani, translations are all available online but we also need to use them to live by what Guru Ji taught us. Our Gyani Ji used the example that we have this huge treasure chest, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We should use that treasure we have been given. That means changing our mindset. 

Harpreet Singh Show episodes with Bhai Ram Singh Ji such as

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