Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where is the Home of the Mind?

The home of the mind is called Sunn (and various other names including Sehaj Ghar, Nij Mahal, 10th gate, 4th state, temple of the body, etc.) and exists within this body. God lives in this temple inside our body, and also in formless form (called Nirgun). Since God lives inside our body, this is where the mind has the chance to unite with God, and receive food for the mind (called Amrit). The mind is at peace in Sunn.

The problem is that our mind doesn’t want to play by the rules of this game. God has taught the mind ahead of time what the rules are and that it is only here temporarily, but the mind gets attached to the world and doesn’t want to listen. Absorbed in ego, our mind forgets God and starts to love the governor of maya, Kaal. (Remember maya is everything physical in this world plus our THOUGHTS). Mind’s husband is actually God but it starts to think Kaal is her husband and loves Kaal. Remember, the home of the mind is in the body, but the mind is constantly escaping the body through the 9 openings of the body, driven by maya. In this state we don't recognize God, appreciate that He sustains us, love Him or sing His praises. We think that the 5 dhoots (lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride- also named the subordinates of Kaal) are our friends. Lured by them, the mind wastes its precious life breath on thoughts (maya) instead of remembering God. That breath was needed in order to connect to our body so our mind can go home! Then the mind gets sick, it has trouble sleeping, and the body becomes sick. Yet the mind continues to try to cheat and doesn't want to play by the rules. We must control our mind by doing simran to stop our thoughts. We should sit in sangat to learn and do sewa, and do nitnem to remind the mind the rules of the game. 

So I think it's super important to do the practical work of simran, and I know it's really hard. I find my mind is always trying to find ways to cheat me. I entered the shower this morning saying "Waheguru, Waheguru" and by the time I got out my mind had changed it to something else and I was humming some random tune. Sitting in the sangat really does help- I find that when my mind wanders, it comes back again and again, reminded by my surroundings. Often times I think it's hard for us to find motivation because we really are so much in love with maya that we aren't motivated to do simran by a love for God. Sometimes that motivation comes out of our sickness, suffering, etc. Regardless, I think through that process of doing the simran we do realize our love for God.


Forgetting the Way of Love By Bhai Sewa Singh Tarmala


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