Sunday, August 27, 2017


Some days are hard, and today was a hard one. Goodbyes are difficult to say, and I have had to say a lot over this last little bit. One of them was even a forever goodbye- an acquaintance who passed away last week. I’m reminded that our time here is temporary, and for a purpose. 

Yesterday I was reading Gyani Sant Singh Maskeen Ji’s book, Third Eye, and it talked about expressing gratitude in our Ardas. He talked about how the only thing that is ours in this life is God. We think everything is ours, but everything is actually temporary, and only God belongs to us. He said we should express gratitude in our Ardas. He described things such as being thankful for our parents, breath, etc. and included sunlight in the list. At this I paused and re-read. When have I ever been thankful for sunlight?!! That if there was no sun, we would not survive. It made me think… where is my gratitude? We make all kinds of demands in our Ardas, but where is our appreciation. Where is the moment of surrender? Bhai Manvir Singh says that the answer to our ardas can be ‘yes’, ‘yes but later’ or ‘no but something better is coming.’ When we say God, whatever you give me, whether it’s a no or a yes, I’ll be happy just to have you, then that is real trust and faith. 

So today was about gratitude. I’ve been really lucky to have met some very inspirational people in my life, however short or long they were there. I am fortunate that on my last day of summer break, I woke up with my family at Amritvela today and went to the Gurdwara, I went back for the morning and evening Divans. I’m grateful for the sangat, I’m grateful for the jatha, and I'm grateful that God has given me this time. So I’m trying today, to surrender my wishes and desires and hopes, and simply express gratitude for this precious human life.

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