Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ik Onkaar Painting

My quotes poster kept falling off, so I thought maybe it was time to put something new up on the wall. I painted this today. The backing is spray-painted gold. For those of you who can't read Gurmukhi (may God bless you with the opportunity to learn) it says: sangat, sewa, katha, gurbani, keertan, naam japo, kirat karo, and vand shako, with Ik Onkaar in the middle. There is one God, may we all put Waheguru at the center of our lives. I am putting this up so that each morning when I wake up, may I be reminded of the pillars of Sikhism and be inspired for the day ahead.

Reminder for next week that there is Rainsbhai Kirtan happening in Quesnel on Saturday. I am hoping to do kirtan there. I would encourage as much sangat to come as possible from PG because its a small community, and the more sangat there is, the more anand there will be for all of us.

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