Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sikh Martyrs (Shaheeds)

I’ve been listening to kathas on youtube about Sikh martyrs (shaheeds) this week. I have to admit that I was initially hesitant to listen to kathas on this topic. In the past, when I have heard kathas about shaheedi at the Gurdwara Sahib, it’s been really difficult to hear because we remember the trauma that the Sikhs endured and usually the whole sangat is crying and sad.

A combination of things led me to just click the link and listen to the katha (and then subsequently watch more similar kathas). For one, I had already heard other kathas by Bhai Sahib (Manvir Singh Ji) and that encouraged me because I knew that I would understand and it would be easy to follow. Secondly, I really want to expand my knowledge of history, and listening to katha is a nice way to do that because I could listen while I was fixing clothes in my closet, organizing books, etc. I started listening, and in the videos Veerji kindly explains that it’s important for us to learn our history because history repeats itself. He also shared that when someone asks what the practical application of Gurbani is- it IS all the Gursikhs in our history, they are the practical application themselves. So if we want to be inspired and learn how to live Gurbani, we should learn more about our history. At this point, I ended up having a lot of reasons to listen to the kathas!

What I got from the kathas, was not just facts/knowledge, but also inspiration and pride in being a Sikh. I learned that we don’t have to be totally distraught and cry at hearing our history. When Veerji speaks in his kathas, he speaks about strength, bravery, and determination. He tells about the whole inspirational life story of the shaheeds, not just about their shaheedi. No matter how big the army we faced or what tortures the Sikhs faced, look at how we won by not giving in to the oppressors. Look at how truth got victory. I didn’t realize what difference it makes to present the same facts with chardi kalaa, with showing that we survived and grew as a nation. We should celebrate our resilience. 

Yesterday the Hukamnama I took said “Whatever God does, accept as good.” When Guru Arjan Dev Ji was tortured in boiling water, sitting on a hot plate with hot sand pouring over his body, his mind remained cool and at peace. He accepted God’s will and sacrificed his body. May we all learn from Guru Ji that no matter what the situation is happening in our lives, to make our minds one with God and at peace. Let your situations fuel your desire to find Waheguru’s boat and sail it across the world-ocean. Sing Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru and find your way home. 

Kathas by Bhai Manvir Singh Ji:
Baba Bandha Singh Bahadur:
Guru Arjan Dev Ji Shaheedi:
1978 Vaisakhi 
Bhai Taru Singh Ji
Gurdwara Reform Movement (including Saka Nankana Sahib and Saka Panja Sahib)
I will post more links as I find them

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